Lawn Care's Brands

ZTR mowers and chain saws, gas and battery, European and American, well-known and hidden gems — explore the following brands distributed by Lawn Care. Do you have questions about carrying one or more of these brands? Fill out the form at Become a Dealer.

Grasshopper ZTR Mowers
The Best. American Made. Unmatched Comfort. Legendary Cut. Front-mount and mid-mount. Versatile Implements.

Encore® ZTR Mowers
Who else offers Kawasaki engines, Hydro-Gear transmissions, and welded steel decks at this price?

efco® Power Equipment
These Italians have been perfecting outdoor power tools for more than 40 years. Are you tired of being bullied by the big names? Try efco® for their No Fear Warranty™ and golden-rule treatment.

Bercomac / Mahindra Implement Parts
Lawn Care is the exclusive USA distributor of Bercomac parts and accessories, along with parts
for Mahindra implements manufactured by Bercomac.

Saber Edge Mowers
The offset-wheel aluminum deck of the old Lawn-Boy lives on! Give your customers options such as staggered or standard wheel placement, aluminum or steel decks, and Briggs or Honda engines.